Professional Profile

Hi there, I'm an experienced freelance web developer and aspiring game/app developer based in Dunedin; my specialties are: Silverstripe, front end web development, and PHP.

I have experience dealing with all sorts of clients and jobs; I've built and worked on websites for a diverse range of businesses around town, provide ongoing tech support to anyone who needs it, and maintain ongoing work relationships with organisations which need IT support. Projects I've built have served as online shops, food menus, points of contact, event calendars, and a whole lot more.

Services I provide are web design & development, mobile app development, basic graphic design, email setup, IT tutoring, and general tech support.

Work Experience

January 2014 - Present

Freelance Web Developer

Self Employed

I have built websites and provide ongoing support for multiple local businesses in Dunedin including Starters Bar, The Green Acorn Cafe, and Knox Podiatry.

  • Quick & cost-efficient website development
  • Flexibility in regards to the website's content and functionality
  • Ongoing web hosting and support
  • Email setup

January 2013 - Present

Private IT Tutor

Self Employed

I provide basic & intermediate IT tutorials for students and adults around Dunedin.

  • Programming with Python
  • Web Design with HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • App Development with Cordova
  • Game Development with Unity

Technical Skills



Expert, 5 Years

Out of all my skills, I am most proficient with HTML5 & CSS3. These two fundamental web design languages are my strong point and I use them to build web pages, fix templates, and even develop mobile app interfaces.


Javascript & jQuery

Intermediate, 4 Years

Another fundamental web development language; I have used javascript to work on all sorts of projects including complex forms, calculators, animations, and even basic applications.


PHP, MySQL, & Apache

Intermediate, 3 years

I like to have full control over all of my web applications, so I run my own virtual server on Apache and control the backend & databases of my websites with PHP and MySQL. These skills also enable me to build websites with content management systems including Silverstripe and Wordpress.